This is me, only me.
I dont want to belong to someone; for a while.
Dont want to be chained to love.
nor called anyone’s bff.
I dont wan to feel my scars, my anxiety, my insecurities.
I am tired of chasing the competition.
For once, I dont want to look made up.
I want to lose up myself, set free me from myself & have that time.
Unclogged, unchained, amidst all hues of me.
A pure monochrome of white.

Words courtesy : Sayli Khadke


Throwback Thursday!!

Cardamom, Chocolates, Coffee & Coorg!


Imagine to wake up by warm sunrise surrounded by lush greenery at your feet and sweet savoring coffee aroma giving you refreshing feels.
Yes! You are in exotic hill station right here,Coorg.
Kodagu Valley popularly known as Coorg is such a paradise;surrounded with greenery nestled in majestic mountains.
Mainly referred as Scotland of India, with it’s scenic beauty and nature’s trails will amaze you at it’s best.




Omkareshwar Temple :
Located in the heart of the city,it is built by Linga Rajendra II in 1820,in the Mumammadan architecture style; that is with a central dome surrounded by four cornered turrets. Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva followed with mythical story of Shivalinga. Its has got beauty and serenity just like temples in South India.


Abbey Falls :
This place is quite mesmerizing like Alice in Wonderland, keep walking through green trails that ends on a hanging bridge which offers breathtaking beauty of waterfalls. These falls can be reached by a narrow road from Madikeri. Here vehicles can reach the entrance from where a downhill walk of paved steps brings us to the waterfalls. Popular to known as place where many Bollywood films have been shot.


Raja’s Seat :
Raja Seat, a favorite spot with the Kings of Kodagu,who used to spend most of their evenings in gardens here; watching the color-sky changing sun set. Heavens to the feel of cool breezes brushing against your cold cheeks while we enjoy the spectacular sunset with perplexing panoramic views among the hills.


Bylakuppe Golden Temple :
Namdroling monastery at Madikeri, is built on the land donated to the Tibetan refugees by Indian Government. Glimpse of Tibet,here in South India, welcomes you with smiling monks, dazzling golden statues of Buddha and alluring paintings. This place offers a peace of mind that sways our soul to the tranquility.




Spicy Coorgi Pork Curry or Pandhi Curry: Cooked in Coorg’s special spices usually served with rice roti and Kadumbuttu.

Bamboo Shoot Curry in Coorg : Cooked in mustard, red chillies and ground coconut;the dish is mostly served with rice.

Kadumbuttu : Steaming rice dumplings,served usually with spicy Pandhi Curry or Chicken curry.



hanging bridge

Kaveri Nisargadhamam : Flora & Fauna..
Kaveri Nisargadhama near Kushalnagar, is a large forestry area on the banks of river Kaveri and has been developed into a touristy place by forest department. You can take a walk by the river, wet yourself in the water, see some wildlife in enclosed area or take an elephant ride here.


Mt. Tadiyendamol,Brahmagiri & Pushpagiri : Mountain calling..
The wild western ghats with majestic mountains makes Coorg the best destination for adventures. Trekking & hiking on is a must-do for those who love an adrenaline rush.


Dubare Elephant Camp : Get fun! Get wild!!
After crossing Kaveri river by boat, here’s the trail to gigantic yet gentle creatures. Entertaining elephant camp over here offers bathing-grooming-feeding sessions followed by amusing elephant ride.


Coffee Plantation : Rise & Grind!
Coorg is synonymous to Indian coffee – Sandeep Chetan. Trip to coffee plantations is much about learning the history of coffee,a science of plantation and an art of brewing with an expertise is definitely enriching experience. Sip of freshly brewed coffee encircled in unspoiled green trails, is such a lush life. Many plantation owners offers home-stays, so you wont miss local as well exotic lifestyle of Coorg.


Shopper’s stop : Treat yourself!

Madikeri is such a shoppers’s delight! You’ll get best of authentic range of spices like Cardamom, Cumin, Malabar Tamarind (Kachampuli), Pepper,Bird’s Eye Chilli –Dhani packed in assorted gift bags.
For the love of saree, treat yourself with variety of fancy traditional silk sarees.
Coorg trip will be incomplete without chocolates. Local markets at Madikeri serves variety of homemade chocolates.


WHEN: A must have Winter wishlist. Usually Coorg is cool through out year,even summer trips will do.

WHERE: Coorg makes life with what it gives. Hill-station & home-stays! You’ll find range of pocket-friendly home-stays also an exotic resorts for the rejuvenating feels.

Happy wanderlusting!!


Friday’s fantastic four : Books I’d read ASAP

Hello Friday!!
As world around me heading to weekend soon, I’m going to grab this awaited wishlist.
Monsoon,cozy-cornered-coffee-chair & books has always been endless affair for me.
I’m excited to share this wishlist with all book-lovers out there.

I. One doesn’t need reason to buy Lahiri’s book. This book is all about her curiosity of finding simple things, her dedicated, passionate affair with Italian language. Lets explore her boundless beauty of words compassionately accompanied as a diary, a guidebook, a dictionary and an unconditional love.


II. A much needed inspirational book. Step by step guidebook to achieve clear insight, focused vision and greatest wisdom of life.


III. A mandatory mythology grab on my shelf!! While Mahabharata always been a reference to understand human;depicting borderline between good and evil, there lies a hidden meaning in between the lines. I was always intrigued by Duryodhana’s character. Rise of Kali is Mahabharata from Duryodhana’s perspective. It is also a debate on dharma or what we understand as dharma.


IV. Winner of 2016 Man Booker prize; is probably one of the reason I have this on my wishlist. A South Korean writer Han Kang, writes about her nonacceptance towards dejected daily violence bounded by social norms;demanding greedy suppressing dimension.


Oh I’m so excited! Happy reading!!


Little things – Prassant Kevin

Little things matter the most like if did you noticed that she had cut her finger while cooking or she bathed twenty minutes more than usual because she was crying inside? Did you ask for how long she been constantly standing and working? Is she tired? What did she eat for lunch or breakfast? Did you even know what she eats for breakfast? Did you know what is it that she been browsing these days; blogs about to fix her relationship with you and how to bring back the lost spark? Did you ever to asked her that what is she you planning to wear tonight or after the shower? Whether or not she want to go to some local ice cream parlor and get her some favorite flavor? When was the last time did you even sat with her to listen to things she been trying to say but keep avoiding, things that make her sad from inside? Whether she want to watch her favorite movie all over again just so that you get to cuddle her?

What’s the point in living with someone when you do not even care to look after your partner’s little things. What kind of love is it where you think your only job is to give your partner a roof over her head, food to eat and things to live with? What about talking about her dreams, her passion, things that make her truly happy, things that bring joy in her life and making an effort. Who will fulfill that? Who’s going to tell her that you didn’t just marry her because you had to marry someone and she means more than just a woman at home who could handle everything in your absence or presence, for that matter.

The thing is we do not notice small things happening in our partner’s life. Why? Because we assume they are doing fine or probably we think it’s not important. That’s being sick and rubbish. It’s these little things which keep the big storm away from any relationships. But we do not care. Why? Sadly because we wait for the catastrophe. Why? Because little things matter the most but you’re too busy assuming that there’s no such storm out there.

Wake up or Good luck.

Find here Little things.